Event Safety Measures

As organisers of The Engineer Expo, Subcon and Manufacturing Management Show, we regard the health and safety of everyone participating in the show of paramount importance. Any measures that are put in place at the event will be to ensure the safety and comfort of all those onsite.

We are currently operating in line with government guidance which has recently changed – full details are available on their website and can be found here.  We will also incorporate appropriate measures from the events sector’s All Secure Standard to ensure that the event itself can be run as safely, and as accessibly as possible.

From July 19th:  The relaxation of measures in England mean that the way we meet is changing and can look forward to in—person events returning. It will no longer be mandatory to wear a mask or face covering in all settings. This means that you can use your discretion when in quiet areas of the venue, but we ask that you carry a mask with you at all times and be courteous to those around you by wearing a mask in areas that may become busy and in sessions taking place in enclosed spaces, if you are able to do so. We also request that all those onsite regularly wash and sanitise their hands and are observant of any further practical measures put in place during the event.

The guidelines in relation to events are being updated and we will continue to ensure that the measures in place are clearly communicated as we approach the event, when at the event and with a view to ensuring the safety of those attending.